Rose Noir Pointe Shoe Bag


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The ultra-classy Rose Noir Pointe Shoe Bag emits pure ballerina vibes. It adds personality and pairs perfectly with the simple black leotard uniform found in most dancers' daily grind. This pointe shoe bag is made from a floral black lace and is finished with an long and elegant lace trim. The bag is fastened with a matching black cotton drawstring encased in cotton bias tape. 
Beyond being beautiful and functional bags, our pointe shoe bags protect and preserve your dancing shoes. All pointe shoe bags are made from breathable lace fabric to allow moisture and sweat to evaporate and for shoes to dry between use- allowing them last longer and smell better!
Each pointe shoe bag comes with a cotton cord drawstring that comfortably slips over your wrist or could be attached to your dance bag or backpack. Seams are reinforced for durability and strength. All of our pointe shoe bags also work wonderfully for flat shoes, jazz shoes, character shoes- you name it! 
We recommend a separate bag for each pair of shoes to allow for maximum airflow and ventilation. 
Bag size is 10.5"W X 11.5"H. 
Ready to ship.
All dancewear is proudly made in the USA. 
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Rose Noir Pointe Shoe Bag

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