Professional Fishnet Seamless Tight (Adult)


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World-Renowned Seamless Fishnet Tights
Our Professional Fishnet Seamless Tights are a stage, theatrical, jazz and tap classic! Designed to meet the needs of performers, they're extremely durable yet comfortable. The bottom of the foot is solid, so toes won’t slide through the mesh and so your shoes are securely in place during your most intense dance routines. Layer over a pair of Capezio® Ultra Shimmery Footed Tights for gorgeous-looking legs on stage!
Why you'll love it:
- Fishnet footed tight
- 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
- 1" elasticized waistband
- Tight cannot be dyed
- Soft nylon sock lining
- Solid foot pads
- Seamless
Carewash Instructions: Hand wash cold and hang dry.

Professional Fishnet Seamless Tight (Adult)

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