MDM Protract Leather Jazz Shoe - Child


Manufacturer: MDM

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$59.95 - $69.95

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The Protract Jazz Shoe by MDM features the patent applied Dance Base Support that builds muscle strength and stability over time.- The shoe has been built on a dancer-specific last that was created by utilising the latest 3D scanning technology. - This allows the strengthening and support substructure that is contained in the heel and arch, to sit perfectly against the contours of the foot.

Colours: Black or Tan

Widths: Medium and Wide

PRICE:Mini $59.95 (Size 6-11.5)Child $69.95 (Size 12-3)

Adult $79.95 (Size 5 - 12)

Ideal for: Commercial or Jazz Dance, long training rehearsal sessions, teaching.

MDM Protract Leather Jazz Shoe - Child

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