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Welcome to the world of Magnetic Lashes!

These lashes have a row of small magnets attached which adhere to a magnetic eyeliner. The eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner which is easy to apply and gives you versatility with your look.

There are many styles of lashes for everyday wear, at the office, for a special occasion or a performance. They are long lasting, can be worn all day or night and with care will last 40+ wears!

Lashes are a customizable fit for both adults and children. The eyeliner can be removed with any oil-based eye makeup remover or with our Shake It Off makeup remover that removes all waterproof and smudge-proof makeup.

Your first set

For your first pair it is best to buy a bundle which includes a pair of lashes and the classic magnetic eyeliner. This is the easiest eyeliner to use at the beginning. Apply two to three coats and wait for it to dry before applying your lashes.

The classic bundles come in 3 different styles which are our most popular.

9 to 5

  • Perfect for everyday wear

  • Classic look

  • Most popular

  • Classy enough for work and for cocktail hour!

Ladies Night

  • Fuller lash look

  • Lashes are in a crisscross pattern

  • Sassy, fierce and powerful!


  • A long lash

  • Full lash look

  • Ready for photos anytime!

Once you have a tube of the magnetic liner you can then purchase sets of lashes on their own to build up your different looks.


To order your first set select a style and liner colour from the classic bundles.

If you already have the liner and want to order other styles, please send us a message, or visit our Facebook page and we will be happy to help you out.

Why we love them

  • Gluten Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • Vegan

  • Nickel Free

Magnetic Lashes - Classic Bundle

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