Hanami Canvas Pirouette (Child/Adult)


Manufacturer: Capezio

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Canvas Hanami Pirouette spins with ease.
Turning for days is made possible with our half sole Hanami Pirouette turning shoe. The wonderfully soft, four-way stretch canvas hugs the forefoot like a sock. The sole of the shoe includes ballet-style sole patches to help you turn with ease. Elastics around the sides and under the arch of the foot keep you stable while spinning non-stop.
Suggested Fitting: For first time shoppers, we recommend a professional fitting at your local Mino Dance retail store.
Why you'll love it:
- 4 way stretch canvas
- Suede sole
- Suede fore foot patches
- Extremely flat pleats
- Micro fiber lining
- One sided plush primary elastic with Capezio logo and secondary silicone lined elastic for secure fit around heel
Best Fit: Women begin with street shoe size. Men begin two sizes up.

Hanami Canvas Pirouette (Child/Adult)

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