Cambre Broad Toe Pointe Shoe - 3 Shank


Manufacturer: Capezio

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Broad Toe - 3 Shank. 50 Tongue length. New construction, Rayon Satin Upper, Leather Sole. Lower crown, Deep Vamp, Full wing box for lateral support, Sculpted arch. Greater heel curve, Shorter outsole length, Thin outsole to stand close to the floor, Scored outsole for enhanced traction. Plush rose colour anti-slip sock lining. Bias side seam, Stitched platform eliminates pleats, Elasticised binding with elastic drawstring. Two additional shank strengths. Two different tongue lengths: one half and three-quarter. Printed sock lining logo, Heat embossed Capezio logo with style number, size, width and shank on outside.

Cambre Broad Toe Pointe Shoe - 3 Shank

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