Apolla The Infinite - Mid Calf Sock


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Apolla The Infinite socks have shock are your favourite running sock or recovery compression sock. It will make your feet feel like they are on clouds. The Infinite has graduated compression up the calf giving the calves a snug hug. If you suffer from shin splints or calf aches you will fall in love! They stay up and you will love how long the high-quality compression lasts. With the same effective arch and ankle support as all other Apolla socks. The toe box is seamless and provides plenty of room for wide feet. Additionally, energy absorption padding is in the heel AND the ball of the foot. Wear for exercise, recovery, travel, and say good-bye to swollen feet and ankles.All of the Apolla Socks have:- the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance- are made of REPREVE certified sustainable yarms from the USA- are moisture-wicking; and- antimicrobial.**Available in Traction or Non-traction**Non-traction is for in-shoe wearing ie, walking, jogging, golfing, home or gym workout, standing for long periods for work.**The 'With Traction" option should be used on flooring for dance purposes. Also consider the E6000 Adhesive Spray to maintain preferred grip.

Apolla The Infinite - Mid Calf Sock

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